Discover the broad range of innovations for woven fabrics today:



Innovation: renew classic denim through the use of linen yarns, crossed in typical white and blue, in a twill weave.

Destination: jeans, ready-to-wear

Benefits: an updated denim, an extreme resistance

Compositions: 100% linen, linen/cotton, linen/elasthanne, linen/silk, linen/wool,…

Weavers: Deren, John EnglandLibeco-Lagae, Penta Servizi Tessili, Tessitura Monti, 


non-wrinkle fabrics

Innovation: special finishing enable wrinkle reduction by 60%

Destination: ready-to-wear

+: eco-friendly finish, without formaldehyde or synthetic resins, Oekotex-compatible

Weaver: Seidra




Innovation: blend linen and elastomer; in yarn (core-spun); in weft-and-warp blend (mono-stretch); …

Destination: ready-to-wear, …





Innovation : high-performance treatments :

  • water-repellent and/or waterproof
  • U.V. resistant
  • pool-and sea water resistant
  • mold resistant, anti-bacterial …

Composition : 100% lin, lin-pu, lin-pvc




Innovation: low-impact dyes, accredited organic dyes, vegetable dyes, mechanical softening techniques, organic softeners, organic stonewashing with polished stones

The + : Color, softness, equal performances, reduced environmental impact

Weavers: Deltracon, Klasikine, Libeco-Lagae, Tessitura Monti




Oekotex: guarantee of non-toxicity and environmental + human criteria

Weavers: Albini, Deltracon, Eurtex, Lemaitre Demeestere, Libeco-Lagae, O.J.Van Maele, Pannonflax Textil, Rivolta Carmignani

GOTS – Global organic Trade Standard: guarantee of organic fibre & eco-friendly transformation

Weavers: Libeco-Lagae, Seidra, Vieböck


double fabrics

Innovation: double weaves, bondings, two-tones, reversibles …

Knitters: Albini, Deltracon, John England, Klasikine, Libeco Lagae, Ormezzano, Tessitura Monti, Seidra, Solbiati, …


flame resistant

Innovations: linens are made incombustible by a special treatment after weaving

Destination: furniture, hotel decoration, public spaces

The + : ecological treatments are available that can be dry-cleaned

Knitters: the first tests were made by Enrico Sironi and Solbiati, for more information :


winter fabrics

Innovation: warm fabrics in linen blends or with brushed and mellow finishes

Destination: Winter or mid-season ready-to-wear, accessories, throws, suiting …

The + : Linen’s heat-regulating properties offer optimal comfort

Compositions: 100% linen, linen-wool, linen-cashmere, linen-alpaca,…

Weavers: Botto Giuseppe, Camillatex, Graziano, Inseta, Italtessil, John England, Klasikine, Libeco Lagae, Ormezzano, Penta, Seidra, Solbiati, Tessuti di Sondrio, Verilin, …



Collections specially destined for custom-made suits, in-stock deliveries

Knitters: John England, Michele Solbiati, …




Collections specially destined for custom-made shirts, in-stock deliveries

Knitters: Albini, John England, Michele Solbiati, Tessitura Monti,