Discover among the broad range of LINEN knit and lace innovations:



Innovation: a supple, light knit fabric that doesn’t wrinkle !

Destination: women’s and men’s ready-to-wear in “cut-and-sew” knits

The + : updates basic “T-shirt” knits, needs no ironing 

Knitters: liste non exhaustive: Botto, Brugnoli, Dondi, Inwool Jersey, Jackytex, Lurdes Sampaio, NGS Malhas, PB2C Modastyle, Penta Serivzi Tessili, Seidra, Sidonios, Staff Jersey…



Innovation: linen knit yarns for this familiar stitch in masculine, feminine or double piqué versions

Destination: polo shirts, sportswear

The + : finesse, lightness, polo knits in a chic version

Knitters: Brugnoli, MCFNGS Malhas, PB2C Modastyle, Staff Jersey…



Innovation: the linen version of a typical sport fabric : right-side jersey, wrong side with bouclettes, sheared or not.

Destination: sweatshirts, sportswear

Compositions: 100% linen, linen-cotton, linen-rayon-cotton

Knitters: Brugnoli, PB2C Modastyle, Staff Jersey,…


heavy gauges

Innovation: up to 5-gauge flat knitting with heavy gauge or strand yarns.

Compositions: 100% linen, linen-cotton, linen-wool, linen-alpaca, linen-cashmere…

Knitters: Cousy, Jean Ruiz



Innovation: double-face knits on flat or circular double-knit machines

The + : possibilities of two-tones, two-materials or multi-gauges 

Compositions: 100% linen, linen-cotton, linen-rayon, linen-wool, linen-cashmere…

Knitters: circular – Inwool Jersey, Lurdes Sampaio; flat knitting – Jean Ruiz,…



Innovation: knit fabrics in crepe yarns or with a crepe knit stitch

The + : fluid, weighty and/or textured knits, dry hands

Compositions: linen-PA, linen-rayon,…

Knitters: GautierNGS Malhas, Seidra



Innovation:  metallic coatings or prints, blends with iridescent yarns,…

Composition:  100% linen, linen-lurex,…

Knitters: Brugnoli, Lurdes Sampaio, NGS Malhas, …



Innovation: authentic lace from Leavers looms; tulle from traditional Bobbinet looms.

Compositions: linen-viscose, linen-cotton, linen-silk

Lace: Solstiss

Tulle: Sophie Hallette



Innovation: a variation from embroidery technique

Composition: linen-cotton, …

Producteur: Nelen & Delbeke

Bel Maille  


Oeko-tex: Non-toxicity and environnemental & human criteria

Knitter:  Brugnoli, NGS Malhas

GOTS: Global Organic Trade Standard, organic cultivation and environmentally-friendly processing.

Knitters: Lurdes Sampaio, Tessuti e Tessuti