An enlightened participant in terms of our era’s ecological demands, linen plays a role by applying new European standards.

By 2020, all buildings constructed in France must have a positive energy assessment (Grenelle for the Environment, 2008) = technical linen fabrics associated with resins are used for « high-performing » composite products (resistant, insulating window casements, acoustic, thermal particle boards, wool insulations, under-layers for wood floors, inner roof protection).

In the context of the Euro 5 Law (European Commission), all cars sold in Europe must be recyclable (85% of a car’s parts by 2012, 95% of a car’s parts by 2015) = linen combined with recycled polypropylene is increasingly used by automobile makers for door panels, dashboards (ex : Jaguar, Mercedes, Smart … ).

Created in 2009, The European Scientific Committee helps manufacturers or company R&D departments progress by using these new technical opportunities.