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A list of scientific and technical publications that focus on applications for composites and eco-construction.

Introduction of the first scientific publication on flax and hemp supports

Each section of the industry that had previously used large quantities of non-renewable fibers is now committed to an eco-conception approach. Structured to expand the technical knowledge of natural fibers, the CELC Technical Center coordinates the first scientific book on composite solutions for natural fibers. Published in tandem with the JEC-Group, a reference in the composite industry, this publication is the fruit of research by the CELC European Scientific Committee.


  • Vital information on flax and hemp fibers (identification of their complex structures).
  • Analysis of composite materials’ mechanical performances when reinforced by natural fibers (variations of specific properties based on the fiber’s transformation process, mastery of bio-degradability …)
  • Evaluation of different types of flax and hemp support capacities based on special procedures (UD, weave, multiaxials, mats, pre-pregs, compounds)
  • The structure of a production chain and organized retail to meet the industry’s mid and long-term needs
  • Development of industrial technologies that transform vegetation fibers into semi-products adapted to the needs of the composite industry.
  • An overview of current uses and prospectives for potential industrial applications.

200 pages / English. Price : 80,97€ without V.A.T
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NEW update 2014: What’s new? Natural-fibre trends in the composite market

  • What’s new? Natural-fibre trends in the composite market
  • New flax & hemp semi-finished products
  • Industrial flax & hemp applications
  • Minimising environmental impacts over the entire life cycle
  • Ongoing developments: durability, fatigue behaviour and other types of performance of flax & hemp composite materials under real-life conditions

48 pages / English. Available with the global publication.

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NEW update 2018: Flax&Hemp Fiber Composites, a market reality. The biobased solutions for the industry 

  • Flax & hemp reinforcements available on the market;
  • Characterization and standardization tools and methods;
  • The remarkable properties besides the fibres’ excellent mechanical performance, as added value for composite products;
  • The composite manufacturing processes and applications on the market
  • A view on sustainability through life cycle analyses.

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