Rope, fabric, pulp, bedding, technical fibers, composite materials, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products plus insulation and components for lightweight concrete are some of the many products made from hemp. The entire plant is used.

The hemp seed produces a highly desirable, Omega 3-rich oil used in human or animal foods which is also developed for dietary or cosmetic products.

Traditionally used over the centuries to make rope and certain types of paper, hemp is once again used today in the textile industry and also for wool building insulation and other composite materials.

Used in the garden as mulch, it makes an ideal bedding for horses or domestic animals. It has made a breakthrough in eco-construction for its insular qualities and thermal, energetic properties. Shive is used as a component to make lightweight, sturdy particle board (for partitions, door frames, work surfaces …) and solid walls for the eco-friendly construction of public and private buildings (mortar, concrete, …).