Why European Flax®?

EUROPEAN FLAX® is the answer to consumer and CSR demands:

Material origin and traceabibility

Respect for the environnement:

Social responsibility and ethics:

Fibre proven qualities:

With guarantees:

3rd party verified traceability, through yearly audits conducted confidentially by Bureau Veritas Certification [BVC]

Mark registered internationally by the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp [CELC]

True composition, backed by testing within the Bast Fibre Authority,

And marketing tools

Logos for labelling semi-products and finished products composed of 100% or ≥ 50% of flax/linen

B2B and B2C sales support, image and video bank, trainings …

EUROPEAN FLAX® is the qualitative visa of premium European linen fibre for all applications. It preserves, highlights and safeguards a uniquely European agriculture and industry, its regional origins and its inherent non-relocatable know-how. An ambitious global label that aims to be recognized by the final consumer.

The English word “flax” has been purposefully chosen: it translates the notion of the “linen fibre”, and is more appropriate than the generic word “linen” whose definitions take in thread, linen textiles and homeware textiles. The term “all applications” encompasses all the employed uses and products with a linen fibre base, as much fashion and home textile as high-performance technical products, such as composite materials.

EUROPEAN FLAX® linen fibre is the raw material for MASTERS OF LINEN® certified companies and products.