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What is European Flax®?

EUROPEAN FLAX® is the guarantee of traceability for premium flax fibre grown in Western Europe for all end uses – fashion, home, technical products, others. A plant fibre, produced through farming that is respectful of the environment, without artificial irrigation* and GMO free.

*Except in exceptional circumstances.

EUROPEAN FLAX® is the answer to consumer and CSR demands:

Fibre origin and traceabibility along the value chain

Respect for the environnement

EUROPEAN FLAX® fibres are grown and scutched through a shared agricultural and technical itinerary, in France, Belgium and The Netherlands:

*Except in exceptional circumstances.

Social responsibility and ethics:

Fibre proven qualities:

Comfort, Thermoregulation, Moisture Management, Breathability

EUROPEAN FLAX® is the qualitative visa of premium European linen fibre for all applications. It preserves, highlights and safeguards a uniquely European agriculture and industry, its regional origins and its inherent non-relocatable know-how. An ambitious global label that aims to be recognized by the final consumer.

The EUROPEAN FLAX® certification guarantees 3rd party verified traceability for products in pure linen or containing minimum 50% flax-linen (see details on How to obtain European Flax®). 

The English word “flax” has been purposefully chosen. “Flax” relates to the plant and the fibre; “Linen” relates to textiles: yarn, fabric, garments etc.

EUROPEAN FLAX® fibre is the raw material for MASTERS OF LINEN® certified companies and products.

EUROPEAN FLAX® and MASTERS OF LINEN® are internationally registered marks and are the property of the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC) and its subsidiary CELC DEVELOPPEMENT.