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Sales figures for Growing and Scutching of European flax:

225 Million €
(Source C.I.P.A.LIN average harvest for 2003/2010)

European linen

= N° 1 in the world with 85% of the worldwide production
of scutched flax fibers

Cultivation and Scutching

+ 7,500 agricultural companies within 14 European countries

Average land surface for flax grower

11 hectares per farm
(Source C.I.P.A.LIN)

Hectares of flax cultivated in the E.U.

2018 – sources C.I.P.A.LIN (FR), ABV (BE),Vlas en Hennep.Nl (NL)

90% of scutched flax is destined for the textile market including

60% for clothing
15% for household linens
15% for furniture and lifestyle

of scutched flax is destined for new technical opportunities

1 hectare of scutched European flax

= 6 tons of straw
= 1,5 tons of scutched flax
= 0,65 ton of yarn
= 3,750 sq. meters of fabric / 4,000 shirts / 431 bedsheets
(Source : CELC and C.I.P.A. LIN)

Linen textile consumption in Europe

of textile fibers consumed worldwide

CO2 retained each year by European flax fibre

250 000 tonnes. Equivalent to the CO2 emissions generated by a Renault Clio car driving around the world. Source CELC